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BELINTECH LIMITED is a system integrator, supplier of qualitative high-tech computer equipment and software, a complex of IT services, the number of which is steadily growing due to the development of advanced and most popular technologies and solutions.

Company info

At present BELINTECH LIMITED provides modern information technologies in the UK, Belarus and Ukraine markets and occupies a leading position in the areas of system integration, integrated automation of business processes of an enterprise, ensuring technical safety.

To some extent, our work as a system integrator may be related to artistry, because each project of our company is unique both in the formulation of the problem and in terms of its solution.

BELINTECH LIMITED adheres to certain sustainable principles in its activities: Professionalism in all areas of activity; Loyalty to partnerships;
Consistency of action.

BELINTECH LIMITED considers the following principles as success factors:

Proven clear business development strategy focused on the most promising segments of the IT market; Fruitful cooperation with the world's leading manufacturers of high-tech equipment and software; Unique industry expertise and practical experience of a professional management team; Attention to the requirements of each client as a guarantee of long-term cooperation; Full and unconditional fulfillment of incurred obligations.

BELINTECH LIMITED adheres to certain sustained principles in its activities:
  • Professionalism in all spheres of activities;
  • Loyalty to partnership relations;
  • Consistency of activities.
BELINTECH LIMITEDconsiders the following principles as the factors of success:
  • Verified accurate strategy of business development, focused on the most perspective segments of IT-market;
  • Fruitful cooperation with leading global manufacturers of hi-tech equipment and software;
  • Unique branch expertise and practical experience of a professional command of managers;
  • Attention to the requirements of each client as a guarantee of long-term cooperation;
  • Full and unconditional performance of the assumed liabilities.
Company profile
  • Integration of Cybersecurity Solutions
  • IT-consulting and IT-audit;
  • Creation of corporate information systems, construction of the integrated business solutions, application integration, optimization of existing architecture;
  • Creation of processing- and data storage systems, data centers;
  • Solutions in the field of virtualization and cloud computing;
  • Network infrastructure and telecommunications solutions
  • Implementation of IT-infrastructure management systems and monitoring;
  • Information security of all feasible systems;
  • Service and multivendor technical support of information systems;
  • Supply of of equipment and software.

Belintech Limited, 41 Chancery House
Levett Square, Richmond, England
TW9 4FD, United Kingdom


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Products and Solutions

Services and solutions of BELINTECH LIMITED are aimed at increasing the efficiency of companies and organizations through IT. BELINTECH LIMITED is one of the largest companies in the information technology industry in the region and is constantly expanding its competence. Today BELINTECH LIMITED is associated with integrated infrastructure solutions, integration of information system components and of latest cybersecurity products and solutions.

BELINTECH LIMITED offers an extended list of IT services, including IT consulting and IT auditing, for large corporate organizations. Consultations are held at each stage of the project after the survey, the choice of hardware platforms, software and upgrades, if necessary.

IT consulting and IT audit

Audit of IT infrastructure

IT infrastructure audit results reflect the current state of the company technical infrastructure. BELINTECH LIMITED classifies all received audit information under the following:

  • infrastructure components. Description of the administrative model and Active Directory services network infrastructure, support services and IT systems of the company;
  • telecommunication and network software;
  • head-end equipment. Brief description of the existing head-end equipment on the basis of the inventory of server rooms, statistics on used head-end equipment and operating systems;
  • workstation setup. Requirements for hardware and software office workstations (by departments);
  • telephony and data transmission channels;
  •  information security. Analysis of the current state of the company information security based on the submitted documentation, competent staff inquiry and instrumental analysis of the current state of servers’ security.

Conceptual design of IT infrastructure development

BELINTECH LIMITED providesthe conceptual design of the customer IT infrastructure development which allows to:
  • obtain data for company development program, current and planned activities of the company in the fields of IT infrastructure development and restructuring;
  • test all components of the company's IT infrastructure;
  • determine the requirements for the company's operating infrastructure software and existing problems;
  • create IT infrastructure model of the company, a set of requirements for its components and their interrelationship;
  • identify a portfolio of projects to achieve the infrastructure model.

Technical Consulting

In IT services practice situations often arise, when own resources are not enough to solve a technical problem. Sometimes it might be useful to take a fresh look at the existing information system and recommendations for its modernization. It is often necessary to analyze the existing solutions of a certain problem and choose the best of them. In all these cases CIO may take a decision to involve external technical advisers.


  • operative solution of local technical problems such as failure of critical services,idle software and hardware systems, insufficient system performance, etc.;
  • choice of the most appropriate product or technology to solve technical problems;
  • performance improvement recommendations for various components of the existing information systems;
  • existing IT infrastructure documenting and modeling;
  • development of the information system concept;
  • development of system architecture of advanced information systems;
  • conversion planning.

BELINTECH LIMITED has significant experience in IT, product support services, has a service center, which allows BELINTECH LIMITED specialists to solve the most difficult tasks not only in the field of products and technologies associated with a narrow neck, but also in inter-sectoral problems.

Business continuity implementation

Maintenance of key business processes is a question of vital importance for the operation of any company. Information systems outages threaten not only with serious financial, but reputation losses. BELINTECH LIMITED provides the following services to ensure business continuity:

  • Development of succession strategy. BELINTECH LIMITED offers the development of a comprehensive strategy to ensure the continuity of the company's business, including the analysis of critical business processes, risk assessment, the development of procedures and methods for managing processes and defining responsibilities, monitoring individual processes.
  • Disaster recovery plan development. Disaster recovery plan (DRP) is a description of the employees’ actions in case of emergency (situations when software or hardware is completely faulty over a long period of time). BELINTECH LIMITED has a considerable experience in disaster recovery plan development and business continuity implementation by creating a fail-safe IT infrastructure.

IT infrastructure is a complex of independent systems and services, providing operation and development of the company communication facilities.

Creation of corporate information systemsIT infrastructure is not only a foundation for any modern company existence. Nowadays information technologies have become a strategic asset, being the business motive power. Creation of reliable efficient and scalable IT infrastructure corresponding to the company business processes is a complex issue. The operation of all business applications, systems, data bases and, consequently, the company activities as a whole depend on the solution of the problem.

The ultimate solution is selected in close cooperation between the customer and BELINTECH LIMITED, the operational result of which is a corporate information system, corresponding to the needs of the customer business, based on advanced equipment combined with global experience of practical implementation of information technologies. BELINTECH LIMITED has a high technical potential and enjoys the backing of hardware and software producers.

Project definition phases

  • initial IT audit of the existing information system aimed at maximum utilization and saving of invested funds;
  • development of information system concept, system architecture and, finally, unique technology solutions for the customer;
  • information system design on the basis of the best configuration of computer, networking and special technological equipment, as well as system and application software;
  • supply, installation and configuration of the necessary computer, networking and telecommunication equipment and office automation facilities meeting the requirements of the customer business;
  • technical infrastructure. Full range of erection works, installation and commissioning of hardware and software. After-sales service, including round the clock support available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

The proposed solution of technically challenging and complex projects is tested in the manufacturer competence center aimed at the protection of the customer investments. For this purpose, a working group involving representatives of the customer, a developer of the application software, BELINTECH LIMITED and an equipment manufacturer is formed. During testing the application software is debugged on a new type of equipment, system parameters are set to optimize performance and carry out analysis of the system efficiency. These measures ensure 100% effectiveness of investments in the information system.

System integration services:

  • Design and implementation of complex information systems, which include fault-safe cluster subsystems, data storage subsystems, enterprise backup and restore systems, network infrastructure and software;
  • Supply and installation of hardware and software;
  • Integration of new components into existing IT-infrastructure of the customer;
  • Identification of the required level of the systems sizing;
  • Testing the systems performance on different platforms (Benchmarking);
  • Data and applications migration to advanced platforms;
  • Optimization of the existing IT-infrastructure;
  • Hardware and software fine-tuning (Tuning);
  • Creation of IT infrastructure Management Systems (management of server systems accessibility and performance, management of networks and telecommunications equipment, data storage management, the establishment of service centers to support the enterprise IT systems).

Data centers

Data center is a complex fail-safe centralized system, providing business process automation with a high-performance level and quality of provided services.

Development of projects and data centers operating rules

Data center formation starts with a survey of the customer IT infrastructure current condition and identification of the business application requirements. The survey of the existing information system allows to reduce the investments in data centers due to maximum effective utilization of the equipment and software the company already has.

To provide data security and maintain business process continuity of the customer BELINTECH LIMITED can develop operating rules for different data center subsystems. A complex disaster recovery plan (DRP) and business continuity plan (BCP) are formed on the basis of profound analysis of the company business processes. They facilitate minimization of financial losses unavoidable in case of emergency.

Supply and deployment of server systems, cluster complexes, data storage systems, information backup and restore systems, distributed computing systems

BELINTECH LIMITED has a considerable experience in the field of redundant data center creation, modern backup systems, high-end cluster platforms. Cluster platforms provide a high level of IT services availability, including continuous capability, providing the operation of critically important applications 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Data center IT infrastructure automation

To provide centralized management of IT and telecommunications infrastructure BELINTECH LIMITED offers software-based the solution. The solution consists in management systems set for telecommunications network, servers and applications, data storage system components and makes it possible for administrators to carry out simultaneous configuring of hundreds and thousands of servers.

Implementation of data center monitoring and management systems

BELINTECH LIMITED integrates monitoring system in the application infrastructure of data centers, measuring and tracing its parameters such as efficiency, failure presence / absence etc.

Data center information security

In the process of data center creation BELINTECH LIMITED takes a set of measures providing the availability of the corporate information for authorized users and data protection against unauthorized access, deliberate or fortuitous distortion.

Major solutions in the field of data center information security:

  • hardware and software systems of information protection and security control;
  • protection of the data center network external perimeter;
  • organization of virtual private networks (VPN) and virtual LANs (VLAN);
  • building public key architecture (PKI);
  • use of certification centers, two-factor authentication, authorization and accounts management systems;
  • introduction of anti-virus protection.

Implementation of communication infrastructure between the primary and redundant data centers

To create redundant geographically distributed data centers BELINTECH LIMITED utilizes the equipment and technologies of data storage fixed fiber optic networks, the so-called dark fiber, CWDM, DWDM and FCIP (Fiber Channel over IP).

Engineering infrastructural components of data centers

Well-organized engineering infrastructure of data centers guarantees security and smooth exploitation of operation systems. Owing to well-established partnerships BELINTECH LIMITED offers design and building of data center power supply, cooling, centralized monitoring and engineering system management systems, structured cabling systems. In its projects BELINTECH LIMITED pays much attention to technical security systems, security alarm and video surveillance, access control and management.

Voltage drop and power-off protection, efficiency of the cooling system, centralized monitoring and management systems etc. are integral parts of providing data centers smooth operation. BELINTECH LIMITED offers a full set of data center infrastructure installation and maintenance services.
Mobile data center

The dynamics of modern business requires more flexibility and mobility of IT infrastructure. That’s exactly why mobile data centers win more and more popularity in the world, including end-to-end solutions, combining IT equipment, telecommunication and engineering infrastructure in one container. BELINTECH LIMITED offers the solutions of leading manufacturer of mobile data centers.

cloudCloud computing is an innovation technology making possible to integrate IT resources of different hardware platforms and provide users with the access thereto via Internet network. Besides, cloud computing represents a business model, according to which the user pays only for actual resources used.

 Advantages of cloud computing:

  • High-level standardization and automation of all IT processes;
  • IT resources measurability;
  • Economies in licenses, maintenance and technical staff.

To create modern data centers based on virtualization and cloud computing technologies BELINTECH LIMITED offers НР 3PAR Utility Storage virtualized data storage system, providing complete adaptability and efficiency and allowing utilization of all key advantages of above-mentioned technologies.
Specific features:

  • Tightly clustered multitenancy on the basis of HP 3PAR Gen3 ASIC Thin Built In IC, allowing gradual expansion, adding new applications and load at minimum cost without operation interruption. All in one data store with automatic data distribution according to applications demand;
  • Data storage system is based on Mesh-Active controller clustering technology, combining the advantages of modular and monolithic architectures.
  • Fine-grained virtualization divides each physical disk into 256 Mb allocation units (chunklets) and provides data distribution parallelization;
  • HP 3PAR Persistent Cache mechanism is used to maintain an appropriate service level in virtual data centers. It cushions the consequences of unscheduled failures (used in > 4 node arrays);

  • Unique HP 3PAR software:

    - HP 3PAR InForm imbedded operating system carries out in-band virtualization, increasing the efficiency of system resources, control and storage;
    - HP 3PAR Management Console;

    HP 3PAR software is used for the following:
    - virtual space marking;
    - data security and failure recovery;
    - flexibility and security;
    - automatic data distribution in storage layers;
    - automatic resources marking;
    - self-monitoring.

  • HP 3PAR, controlled by VMware, Citrix, Red Hat, Oracle, Symantec, Microsoft applications, provides the following:

    - the highest level of virtual environment efficiency, maximum level of servers consolidation and minimum virtual resources control costs;
    - data base maximum efficiency and availability;
    - enterprise communications and organization of cooperation by e-mail, without mailbox size limitation.

  • HP 3PAR unique components are controller blocks, Full Mesh topology wiring backplanes, disk-based chassis with switched architecture, disk magazines (4 disks each).

Enterprise Information system deployment requires adequate telecommunication infrastructure: data transmission networks, local and geographically distributed data-processing networks. The effect of the enterprise computing to large extent depends upon the operation quality and reliability of this infrastructure.


  • engineering and buildout of local and global data-processing networks, structures and fiber-optic cabling systems of any complexity;
  • geographically distributed telecommunication networks building, organization of remote spots interaction;
  • audit of existing telecommunication networks, their subsequent optimization, improving of productivity, fail-safety and immunity;
  • organization of secure remote access to corporate networks;
  • information systems comprehensive diagnostics and failure recovery;
  • installation and maintenance of Novell, Microsoft, UNIX network operating systems;
  • consulting services in the field of data-processing network buildout of any complexity;
  • service maintenance.

BELINTECH LIMITED creates and introduces complex IT infrastructure management and monitoring systems, as well as most actual system components, which provide:

  • information resources optimization
  • upgrading of IT services and hardware / software failure recovery period;
  • reliability, security and coordinated functioning of all IT infrastructural components;
  • facilitation of IT infrastructure modernization;
  • multiplied efficiency of IT unit.

BELINTECH LIMITED renders audit and consulting services in the sphere of IT service management, engineering of complex infrastructure management and monitoring systems and supply of necessary products, their technical support and development.
IT infrastructure monitoring

The main task of monitoring system is supplying up-to-date information for IT infrastructure analysis, concurrent detection of failures and their timely elimination.

The key feature of these systems is the possibility of Helpdesk / ServiceDesk integration. The integrated solution provides automatic registration of the problem situation in HelpDesk systems, synchronization of ticket and event status. Thus the data transmission period in the support service is reduced, and all important events, influencing the quality of IT services, are registered.
Used products: HP OpenView.

Monitoring of efficiency and resource planning

BELINTECH LIMITED solutions provide:

  • acquisition and processing of IT infrastructure components efficiency information;
  • efficiency key figures monitoring for tracking SLA implementation;
  • reduction of risks by IT infrastructure reconfiguration (utilization of new applications, expansion in the number of users and digital transmission amount)
  • IT-service bottleneck tracking.

Used products: HP OpenView and Symantec.

Workstations and servers administration

BELINTECH LIMITED administration solutions provide management of a number of geographically dispersed workstations and servers. Such systems are rapidly implemented and considerably increase administration service efficiency at the cost of the following:

  • Software remote installation and bookkeeping;
  • Workstations remote control access;
  • Automated software maintenance in accordance with the specified policy;
  • Maintenance of uniform software configuration at the workplaces.

Used products: HP Client Automation.

IT services quality monitoring

IT service quality monitoring systems make it possible for IT units specialists to estimate the quality of the services available to the users, maintain them on the required level and make plans of existing network modernization and future investments in IT.

The implementation of such solutions is especially important by service approach to IT-units activities, when all the processes are reviewed in terms of unit provided IT services. When applicable, each business service of the corporate system is interpreted as an IT service, a certain quality level of its providing being set. It is further described in the monitoring system as a set of IT infrastructure interacting components.

Finally Service Level Agreement (SLA) is formulated. According to SLA the system carries out acquisition and storage of provided IT services quality data. On the basis of the accumulated data interim reports are filed. The reporting information analysis assists by:

  • Revision of IT services provision level;
  • IT unit activity reorganization;
  • IT infrastructure modernization.

Used products: HP Software.

IT infrastructure multivendor support

BELINTECH LIMITED provides a wide range of the customer IT infrastructure planning, implementation, control, maintenance and technical support services. The experience of BELINTECH LIMITED technical staff and flexible service arrangement make it possible to render services corresponding to QoS exacting requirements.

Use of maintenance and technical support services allows to:

  • Reduce the cost of IT infrastructure ownership;
  • Get maximum return of investments in IT;
  • Provide smooth operation of all systems and IT services;
  • Minimize downtime due to technical failures;
  • Eliminate critical malfunctions on-line;
  • Reduce failure risks;
  • Increase systems efficiency.

Multivendor technical support

BELINTECH LIMITED carries out installation, adjustment and support of Hewlett Packard, Oracle, Symantec firmware, etc..

Service and multivendor technical support of information systems BELINTECH LIMITED specialists provide warranty and post-warranty maintenance and service support of the equipment at the earliest possible date, because direct contacts with the manufacturer allow to get spare parts in the shortest time. In addition to all servicing variants BELINTECH LIMITED provides additional service terms, developed in accordance with the individual requirements of an individual customer.

Software service

Apart from warranty service BELINTECH LIMITED offers various service packs of non-standard and post-warranty services and data-processing systems maintenance on the basis of Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Oracle, VMware and Symantec software. The packs may include software maintenance services, telephone support according to the fixed limits, e-mail consulting and software migration to another platform.


All necessary service and support consultations you can get by contacting BELINTECH LIMITED:

Warranty service

Contract service

BELINTECH LIMITED customers can get individual advice, on-line information support and technical support on specified terms after signing a corresponding contract.

BELINTECH LIMITED supplies the complete range of Hewlett Packard products, solutions and services for building hardware platforms of corporate data-processing systems.

HP Servers

General purpose servers:

  • High-end (superscalable) servers with vertical scaling;
  • Blade-servers with horizontal scaling (Proliant BL);
  • Rack optimized servers (Proliant DL, ML);
  • Tower servers (Proliant ML);

Special servers:

  • Telecommunication solution servers (carrier grade);
  • Fail-safe servers (HP NonStop);
  • Servers for service-providers.

НР data storage systems

  • Disk data storage systems (DAS) represent disk enclosures used mainly for expansion of single server disk space;
  • Universal data storage systems (NAS) are affordable and easy-to-use, capable of fine-tuning depending on the current task features. Drives, attached to the network, providing resources by iSCSI;
  • Network data storage systems (SAN) allow to create scalable, fail-safe and effective solutions using the advantages of virtualization technology;
  • High-end disk arrays for non-stop data access, can be used as a key component for building geographically distributed disaster-safe solutions;
  • Tape autoloaders and libraries: automatic backup, releasing IT resources and reducing human error risk to minimum, complex solutions for server direct attachment, enterprise backup and network data storage systems; wide range of technologies; memory up to 284 Tb (proprietary data);
  • Virtual library systems: increase backup efficiency in complex SAN environment, providing general system reliability;
  • Data storage systems All-in-One;
  • Conventional and active archiving: flexibility and wide range of innovation and best archiving solutions.

HP Networking equipment

  • Storage network equipment: SAN-switches of B-, H- and С-series, StorageWorks solutions, modular routers and routers with fixed port quantity, FC-adapters;
  • Active networking equipment:

    - HP A-Series networking equipment, based on H3C netware of the company, bought as part of 3Com company: switches, routers, wireless equipment, IMC integrated control systems;
    - HP E-Series networking equipment: products named HP ProCurve before HP rebranding – standardized life-time warranty equipment, providing corporate information security, mobility (wireless solutions), integration of IP-based voice and data transmission networks;
  • НР network management solutions represent various control functions from basic to advanced: matching, adjustment and monitoring in local networks and wireless local networks (Comprehensive Enterprise Network Management, Network Management for SMB Networks);
  • Network security systems: complete set of security solutions for modern complex threats protection of the enterprise network edge and inside the perimeter (HP Client Automation);
  • Unified communications portfolio: VCX unified communications, IP-telephony, voice applications and gateways;

Data center comprehensive pre-set platforms

  • HP BladeSystem Matrix Complete integrated solutions is a practical implementation of converged infrastructure, combining server systems, network components, data storage systems and management software:

    - HP BladeSystem blade infrastructure with HP Proliant, HP Integrity servers and HP Virtual Connect integrated modules;
    - Control server;
    - EVA4400 data storage system;
    - HP BladeSystem Matrix Infrastructure Operating Environment software;
  • HP (POD)Container data center is a mobile data-processing center on the basis of a standard transport container;

Data center infrastructure components

  • Uninterruptible power supply units and uninterruptible power systems, on-floor and rack-mountable versions;
  • Universal mounting racks – new HP 10000 G2 series rack family;
  • Modular PDU, PDU with status monitoring;
  • HP MCS G2 modular cooling systems are self-cooled racks for high density deployments in data centers.


All services are offered to the customers in the form of shaped HP Care Pack service packages or as service contracts.
HP Care Pack service packages are subdivided in corporate and commercial level packages.

  • Technical support services.

    The portfolio comprises:
    - installation, adjustment and implementation services;
    - support services;
    - efficiency analysis and increase services;
    - access analysis and expansion services;
    - IT service management (ITSM).
    All in all, НР support services are subdivided in reactive and proactive depending on system support operation methods ranging from Support Plus 24 minimum recommended support level to Critical Service and Mission Critical Partnership - the highest level of 24-by 7 proactive system support of hardware and software.
  • Data center power and cooling systems optimization and efficiency analysis services:

    - data center infrastructure basic capacity survey service;
    - data center infrastructure condition service;
    - data center infrastructure energy efficiency service;
    - data center audit (Site check-up service);
    - express analysis of the equipment external environment (Quick thermal assessment service);
    - expanded analysis of the equipment external environment (Comprehensive thermal assessment service);
    - equipment relocation service (HP Relocation services);
    - data center planning service (HP Data Center Site Planning Service).

Cybersecurity is the art of protecting networks, devices, and data from unauthorized access or criminal use and the practice of ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.

The cyberattacks are usually aimed at accessing, changing, or destroying sensitive information; extorting money from users; or interrupting normal business processes.

Implementing effective cybersecurity measures is particularly challenging today because there are more devices than people, and attackers are becoming more innovative.

Why is cybersecurity important?

In today's connected world, everyone benefits from advanced cyberdefense programs. At an individual level, a cybersecurity attack can result in everything from identity theft, to extortion attempts, to the loss of important data like family photos. Everyone relies on critical infrastructure like power plants, hospitals, and financial service companies. Securing these and other organizations is essential to keeping our society functioning.

Types of cybersecurity threats

  • Phishing is the practice of sending fraudulent emails that resemble emails from reputable sources. The aim is to steal sensitive data like credit card numbers and login information. It's the most common type of cyber attack. You can help protect yourself through education or a technology solution that filters malicious emails.
  • Ransomware is a type of malicious software. It is designed to extort money by blocking access to files or the computer system until the ransom is paid. Paying the ransom does not guarantee that the files will be recovered or the system restored.
  • Malware is a type of software designed to gain unauthorized access or to cause damage to a computer.
  • Social engineering is a tactic that adversaries use to trick you into revealing sensitive information. They can solicit a monetary payment or gain access to your confidential data. Social engineering can be combined with any of the threats listed above to make you more likely to click on links, download malware, or trust a malicious source.


Technology is essential to giving organizations and individuals the computer security tools needed to protect themselves from cyber attacks. Three main entities must be protected: endpoint devices like computers, smart devices, and routers; networks; and the cloud.

  • To identify security gaps and to tells how to fix them Belintech offers Cymulate platform which tests the strength of the security by simulating real cyber attacks across all attack vectors. That allows to protect from threats before they ever show up.
  • To protect email systems Belintech provides Mimecast Email Security with Targeted Threat protection against advanced email-borne threats such as malicious URLs, malware, impersonation attacks, as well as internally generated threats.
  • To protect Industrial Control Systems Belintech works closely with Claroty which is one of the strongest vendors in this field. Claroty's integrated ICS suite protects the safety of people, assets, and critical processes from cyber-attacks. The platform provides security teams with extreme visibility into industrial control networks, real-time monitoring, network segmentation, control over employee and 3rd party remote access, and integration with existing SOC, cybersecurity and network infrastructure.
  • To stop cyber attacks from moving laterally inside networks Belintech integrate innovative software produced by Illusive Networks which is designed, to provide early detection of cyber attackers who have penetrated a given network, and to provide forensics to threat intelligence teams and incident responders. The software blocks intruders from advancing their attacks by eliminating credentials and connections left behind by normal business processes, by providing false and misleading information that appears alongside real, valuable information, and by deploying devices and decoys to attract and distract attackers
  • HPE

НР – world leading supplier of technological solutions for business, organisations and consumers. The company provides solutions in IT infrastructure, personal computing systems and access devices, and worldwide service support.

  • Cisco

Cisco – world leader in network technologies intended for the Internet.  Cisco’s solutions unite people, computer devices and computer network, allowing people to receive and pass on the information regardless of the location, time and used computer systems.

  • Fortinet

Fortinet – American company specialising in developing and promoting software, solution and services in Information Security: firewalls, antivirus programs, systems of intrusion prevention and providing security of end-points and other products.

  • Oracle

Oracle offers optimized, fully integrated spectrum of software and hardware for business. Oracle products are used by more than 380 00 clients – from different industries and more than 145 countries. Oracle’s hardware and software facilities is directed on a teamwork in computing cloud and clients’ data processing centres – from servers and storage systems to databases and interim OS.

  • Dell EMC

Dell, Inc. – American incorporation, one of the biggest companies in PC production are. Head quarters Dell, Inc are located in Round Rock (Texas, USA). Dell develops, produces, sells and services wide model range of personal computers, laptops, servers, storage devices, network hardware, PDA and other hardware.

  • APC by Schneider Electric

APC by Schneider Electric is the global leader in power supply and conditioning systems industry, offering the best equipment in the industry, software and engineering complexes for data processing centres, production facilities, offices and home applications.

  • VMware

VMware – world leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructures, offers certified solutions that increase the effectiveness of IT environment by simplifying them and helps realize more flexible and adaptive model of service provision. VMware’s approach speeds up the transition to cloud computing, secures existing investments and increased security level and control. мировой лидер в области виртуализации и облачных инфраструктур, предлагает проверенные

  • Micro Focus

Micro Focus – international incorporation, offering consolidated solution to clients in all areas of information technologies. On the 1st of September 2017 Micro Focus and HPE Software united to become of the largest software development company in the world.
The new company offers world class corporate solutions in key areas, from incident management system to developing and testing of mobile applications, from superfast analytics of Vertica to organization security products. Portfolio base of Micro Focus products include products that were earlier included in portfolio of HPE Software.

  • Lenovo

Lenovo is a technological company with a capitalization of 21 billion US dollars, the third biggest manufacturer of personal computers, whose products are represented in more than 160 countries. Lenovo produces innovative, designed on a high technical level personal computers, laptops and mobile internet devices.

  • Palo Alto

Palo Alto Networks was founded in 2005.  Palo Alto’s clients are large organizations, who work in production area, health care, education and financial services. Palo Alto Networks develops new generation firewalls, which allow to control the application operations and users in corporate networks.

  • NetApp

NetApp incorporations is ranked among the leading manufacturers of storage systems.  NetApp’s innovative solutions help the companies to provide storage worldwide, management and security of their most valuable asset – corporate data.
NetApp’s core value is flexibility and simplicity of use. NetApp’s represented architecture for unified data storage represents a single platform for basic network environments, within which users are offered the widest in the industry function choice and scalability. By the virtue of NetApp’s solutions, the users can acquire new features and optimise their work without refusing to give up on made investments and retaining existing tools and procedures.

  • Citrix Systems

Citrix Systems is a leading developer of virtual computing solutions that provide users with access to work and entertainment applications from anywhere and from any device. More than 230,000 companies use Citrix technologies and, based on them, create more efficient solutions for end users, IT professionals and businesses in the field of virtual conferences, desktops and data centers.

  • Cymulate

Cymulate helps companies to verify their security posture and controls through breach and attack simulation platform that empowers organizations with complex security solutions to safeguard their business-critical assets. By mimicking the myriad of strategies hackers deploy, the system allows businesses to assess their true preparedness to handle cyber security threats effectively. the system allows businesses to assess their true preparedness to handle cyber security threats effectively

  • Mimecast

Email Security with Targeted Threat Protection is a set of cloud services designed to provide next generation protection against advanced email-borne threats such as malicious URLs, malware, impersonation attacks, as well as internally generated threats. Additional Mimecast solutions are Email cloud archiving and mailbox continuity.

Mimecast works with Office 365, Exchange and most other mail servers, quietly filtering and archiving incoming and outgoing emails to ensure your organisation is protected

  • Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks was founded in 1996, it is a company that develops, manufactures and installs the most complex equipment for Ethernet networks, coping with the most difficult tasks in the field of data transmission and telecommunications based on IP.

  • F5

F5 - A company that offers end-to-end solutions and reliable security applications to organizations around the world.

  • IBM

IBM - one of the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of hardware and software, as well as IT services and consulting services.

  • Legrand

Legrand - these are complex and high-tech solutions for data centers, industrial and commercial facilities, residential buildings. The company provides a full range of technical, warranty and information support services for individual projects of various levels of complexity.

  • Microsoft

Microsoft - is a world leader in the production of software, business management solutions, the provision of services and the development of Internet technologies for personal computers and servers. The company offers a wide range of software products for business and personal use, designed to expand the capabilities of a person or company through the use of modern software at any time, in any place and on any device.

  • MikroTik

MikroTik Latvian network equipment manufacturer. The company develops and sells wired and wireless network equipment, in particular routers, network switches, access points, as well as software - operating systems and auxiliary software. The company was founded in 1996 with the aim of selling equipment in emerging markets. As of December 2015, the company had 160 employees.

  • Polycom

Компания Polycom Inc - world leader in the audio and video conferencing systems industry. The range of equipment produced by the company includes audio and video conferencing terminals, software, multipoint conference equipment, and servers.

  • Positive Technologies

Positive Technologies - One of the leaders in the European market of security and compliance analysis, as well as the protection of web applications. Thanks to many years of research, Positive Technologies specialists have earned a reputation as international experts in the protection of SCADA and ERP systems, banks and telecom operators.

  • Symantec

Symantec specializes in security, storage, and systems management solutions that help corporate customers and end-users security and manage information.

Veritas solutions, designed for the largest and most complex heterogeneous environments to help organizations use information available to them fully. Industry-leading solutions work on all platforms and cover areas such as data backup and recovery, business continuity, software-defined storage, and information management.

  • ZOOM

ZOOM The company develops solutions that meet the needs of operators in the record interactions with customers, and helps you to continually improve the quality and performance of your contact center. ZOOM is committed to ensuring that solutions are simple, effective and easy to operate.

  • Iskratel

Iskratel has over 70 years of experience and is the leading European supplier of integrated telecommunication solutions for telecom operators, transport companies, public security, power industry and the oil and gas industry


Juniper Networks is an American company that manufactures telecommunications equipment, primarily for Internet providers, corporations and the public sector. From inception to the present, Juniper Networks has specialized in developing high-speed streaming data processing solutions for the highest level of network solutions. Most of the company's products use proprietary network processors and are running JUNOS, an operating system based on FreeBSD and containing a full set of POSIX-compatible commands and tools. JUNOS is also known for a high degree of regression testing (three releases per year).

  • SolarWinds

SolarWinds develops and releases powerful, affordable, and easy-to-use software for managing IT resources. SolarWinds integrated solutions offer top-down (application-oriented) and bottom-up (infrastructure-based) performance analysis.

  • Claroty’s

Claroty’s mission is to secure and optimize the industrial control networks that run the world. The company’s platform enables customers to enjoy the substantial benefits of increasingly networked control systems without compromising operational resiliency or the security of core assets.

The Claroty Platform provides extreme visibility into the widest range of ICS, SCADA and other control system devices, protocols and networks using passive monitoring techniques to safely examine and analyze OT networks. The system employs real-time monitoring, high-fidelity models, and advanced analytics to detect anomalies and to rapidly alert organizations to security and process integrity issues. The platform is powered by the Claroty Research; the industry’s leading OT cybersecurity research team with members from an elite cyber unit of the Israeli Defense Force.

  • Illusive Networks

Illusive Networks produces technology that stops cyber attackers from moving laterally inside networks by finding and eliminating errant credentials and connections, planting false information about given network's resources, emulating devices, and deploying high interactivity decoys.[3][4] Network administrators are alerted when cyber attackers use security deceptions in an attempt to exploit the network. Illusive Networks looks at the problem from the perspective of the attacker and exploits the attacker’s weakness. Illusive creates a distorted reality that the attacker cannot confidently navigate. The Illusive Networks solution disrupts the attacker’s operations without disrupting operation of its user.

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